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Why DigiRides?

about-dr-2As motor vehicle enthusiasts and regular users of the Internet, we have felt for many years that online communities have failed to provide a platform that meets our needs. There are so many forums and bulletin boards that its hard to keep track of them all. Each one is flooded with posts, arranged by category making it cumbersome to find useful information without going through exhaustive searches.

Along came Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms which host the latest online communities for motor-heads. Its great to see others’ rides as you scroll along, in between checking out what your ex is up to and getting into an argument over the latest political drama. Social media sites allow you to create extremely detailed personal profiles, but feature little to nothing for vehicles of any kind.

There has to be a better way for our community to share ideas and information.

What is DigiRides?

Digi – Short for digital | Rides – Any type of motor powered vehicle

This is our version of the ultimate online community for people from all walks of life who live, eat and breathe motor vehicles. It is a complete platform created for enthusiasts of cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, power boats, dune buggies, airplanes, yachts and just about any other type of motor vehicle.

DigiRides is free for anyone to use and only requires a name and email address for registration. Members receive their own personal profiles that they may customize to their liking in addition to the exclusive features listed below.

Member’s Rides

About DigiRides - Vehicle Profiles

Vehicle Profiles

These are customized profiles that members may create for each of their vehicles. Using over 70 available fields, members will have a compete profile page for every vehicle they own that details components like engine, exterior color, horsepower, factory options and so much more. This page may be updated regularly as you make changes to the vehicle.

Advanced Vehicle Profiles

Need a more detailed vehicle profile for your ride? Upgrade to an Advanced Profile which adds additional fields allowing members to document components in the engine, transmission, body, interior, etc.

About DigiRides - Advanced Profiles

Vehicle LogsAbout DigiRides - Vehicle Logs

Anyone who has been involved in motorsports or has worked on an extensive restoration knows the importance of keeping a detailed log of the vehicle. Members may post log entries for each vehicle which might document extensive engine work, track records or simply some time spent cruising.

Log entries may be created in different formats (Text Only, Image & Text, Text with Image Gallery, Before & After and Multi-Step Procedures) allowing complete customization as a member sees fit.

Other Community Features


This is a member driven calendar of the world’s best vehicle related events including shows, meets, auctions, and motor sports. Contributing new events is fast, easy and free for all DigiRides members. Its a great tool to use when planning events to attend.

As an added feature, members may show whether they plan to attend an event and what vehicle they will be attending with. This creates a comprehensive listing of vehicles that will be in attendance for events.


This is a listing of businesses and groups related to the industry. Members can create custom pages complete with contact forms and posts. Its the ultimate way for members to interact with those that support the community.


Interact with those that share the same interests. Connect with other members who are enthusiasts of the same vehicles that you own.


Buy, sell and trade vehicles, part or accessories. No longer waste time scanning online auction sites or other forums for vehicles or parts. The DigiRides Marketplace is powered by the community and its memebers.

Is This the Future?

As you can probably tell, we believe that DigiRides is an amazing concept that provides features that other platforms simply can’t deliver.  No more scrolling through garbage on social media or having to register at tons of forums just to find the information you need. Proudly show off your vehicle and all of the work that has gone into it.

DigiRides is the future!