Community Guidelines



The purpose of DigiRides is to facilitate community discussions among those who share the same interest in vehicles of all types. All members have the ability to post information on:

    • Their own timeline
    • Vehicle Profiles
    • Vehicle Log Entries
    • Group Pages
    • Event Listings
    • Vehicle/Parts For Sale Entries
    • Other member’s timelines

Or they can simply leave a comment on any of the above types of entries that were created by other members.  All posting (entries or comments on entries) must follow DigiRide’s Community Guidelines. Content that does not meet these guidelines will be removed and the user posting it will be warned and subsequently removed from the community.

Please read through these guidelines before beginning your journey on DigiRides. The staff may not have the capacity to review every single entry and comment, so we ask that the community police itself as much as possible by reporting content that may not meet the Community Guidelines. The staff and community members will work together to make DigiRides an informative and entertaining place for gearheads to share projects and ideas.

The Golden Rule

One simple guideline should cover all of your posts:
Be helpful, polite, considerate, and respectful of others, just as you would like others to be towards you.

Other Rules and Guidelines

The remaining rules and guidelines are to maintain order and to let site visitors and members get the most out of the platform.

  • Rules: In addition to following these rules, you must observe the Registration Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that you accepted when you registered.
  • Courtesy: Treat others with courtesy. Avoid insults, profanity, “shouting” (LIKE THIS!!!), racial, ethnic, cultural, or other forms of intolerance, or any form of harassment. Do not purposely provoke or annoy other members.
  • On-topic: Keep all posting on-topic and relating to vehicles, motorsports or other related topics.  There are plenty of other sites and communities to discuss politics, sports or the Kardashians.
  • Advertising: Members may utilize Directory, Event or Vehicle entries to promote supporting business or their own business as long as it is related and kept to a reasonable level. This does not allow members to SPAM the community with advertising.
  • Proselytizing: DigiRides is not the place to try to persuade others of your particular political or religious beliefs. Each of us is entitled to make those personal decisions for ourselves, and to have those choices respected.
  • Free speech: The rules are not designed to censor opinions or promote the views of the site owners. However, keep in mind that you are a guest on a private website, so we reserve the right to remove content that interferes with the goals of the site. The DigiRides team has final say on all content posted on the platform.
    Re-registration: If your membership is canceled (you are banned), you may not re-register under another name.

If you have questions or comments about the Forum Rules, feel free to contact us for clarification.

Community Policing

  • Spam: Unwanted advertising and messages with promotional links (spam) are a problem for every online system. Most spam is created by “bots”, automated software created for this unscrupulous purpose.
    If you see spam, please report it to us. We remove spam on a regular basis to keep the platform free of unwanted advertising. Please do not post in spam entries.
  • Rule enforcement: This is one of the jobs of the DigiRides Administrative and Moderation Team. Community members should report problematic content and allow the staff to take care of it.
  • The rules and you: You are responsible for all of your own posts and for nobody else’s posts. If somebody else breaks the rules, that does not permit you to do the same or to respond in kind. Instead, alert the DigiRides Team.  If the team removes or edits one of your posts (other than to make a helpful correction they think you will appreciate), it was for a reason in accordance with the rules. The reason for the edit will often be shown under the post. If you aren’t sure why, review these rules since one of them applies. If you are still unsure, send a message using the contact form.
  • Membership cancelation: The administrators may cancel the membership of a member who violates the most serious rules, repeatedly violates minor rules, ignores reminders or warnings, wastes the time of other members or the administrators, or shows disregard for the purpose of the site. Making sure that the majority of members get the most possible out of DigiRides is more important that making accommodations for a particular member who is uncooperative. The final decision is up to the site Administrator.