Woke NASCAR Comes for Hailie Deegan

Hailie Deegan

Everything Is Offensive

Woke NASCAR claims yet another victim. This time is was young, up-and-comer Hailie Deegan. The 19 year old, full time driver in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was live streaming herself on Twitch during a virtual race when she said:

Oh! Hey! Who’s the r***** behind me?! Don’t do that, please.

Now, the quote above is exactly how its being reported because apparently there are lots of words we aren’t allow to say or print any longer.  As you can imagine, the clip went viral and the woke mob came out it full force.

Cleanup Isle 1

Deegan (or her publicist) quickly issued the following apology:


Punishment Time

NASCAR is requiring Deegan to complete sensitivity training which will apparently teach her what words in the dictionary are allowed to be used while being employed as a competitor in NASCAR.

NASCAR officials will require driver Hailie Deegan to take sensitivity training before the 2021 season after her use of an offensive word during an online racing stream Sunday.

Deegan apologized Sunday night after using a term that disparages those with intellectual disabilities during an iRacing event. The stream — since deleted — was the first from her personal account on Twitch.

Our Advice

We’d like to offer NASCAR drivers a little bit of advice:

  • Stop with the live streaming and virtual racing. Put your phone away while you are at home playing video games. This will help keep you out of trouble. As you know, one of NASCAR’s top young drivers was released from his racing contract, dropped by his sponsor and removed from all NASCAR events last year for a similar type of mistake.
  • Say as little as possible in public and on social media. Everyone is offended by everything now, so you can’t win.  Its better to get in your car, race your heart out and head home without providing anything for the mob to feed off.

Deegan has three wins in the ARCA series and will now try her hand at racing trucks full time.  We wish her the best.

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