Installed a Supercharger on My Car

Installed a Supercharger on My Car

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Performance Upgrades | Chevrolet C4 Corvette

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The belt that came with the kit worked well straight out of the box but we noticed it was wearing pretty quickly so replaced it a week or so before dyno tuning the cars.

This supercharger has the potential to double the power output on a car such as this, and is one of the simplest mods we've done for such a significant increase. The kit does exactly what it says on the box, however we wouldn't consider it race track ready without a dyno run first to check that the AFR's are correct.

With a few helping hands we managed to have this kit installed and the car driving around the block in around 7-8 hours time with only a few simple tools required.

Work performed by: Super Performance Shop
ComponentManufacturerSpec. / Part #
BeltBelt Comapny875950-g-Large
Vehicle's mileage at time of entry: 89,876
Total cost: $8,900.00

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