{tag:53} 1991 BMW 8-Series 850i
BMW 8-Series
V12 Powered

High Mileage, Daily Driven 8-Series

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General Vehicle Information

Year: 1991
Manufacturer: BMW
Model: 8-Series
Trim: 850i
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black Leather
Current Mileage: 
Owner: @JRW - Flemington, NJ, United States

Vehicle Log


vehicle specifications


Motor: Naturally Aspirated 5.0L M70 V12
Transmission: HP24 4-Speed Automatic
Drive Configuration: RWD

Performance Data

Horsepower: 334 HP
Torque: 365 ft-lbs TQ
* Power data was provided by the manufacturer.

Vehicle or Project Description

Found this out front of a dealership on my way hope from work. A few days later it was my daily driver. Over 175k miles on the odometer with little to no problems at all. The car has been lightly modified and well maintained.

This is not the type of car you buy and expect to be maintained by your local BMW dealer. The costs for doing so would be insanely high and would surpass the value of the car almost instantly. Instead, be prepared to do lots of work yourself or have a good independent mechanic available. Parts are becoming harder and harder to source with many being NLA (no longer available) directly from BMW. There is a very small aftermarket offering for these vehicles as well.

They are fairly complex cars which seem to have just about two of every component (batteries, fuel pumps, intake manifolds, etc). That being said, a well taken care of example will probably only need minor maintenance from time to time. Its not uncommon to see these cars with 150k-300k miles on the odometer.

In stock form, they aren't overly exciting to drive. Electronic tuning and suspension upgrades are highly recommended at a minimum to wake the car up. A supercharger or twin-turbo system turns a fairly slow car into an absolute rocket ship.

They are comfortable to drive and pretty reliable. Be prepared to receive lots of thumbs up and looks as you drive through town as its certainly a head turner.

engine specification header

Engine Specs

The BMW 850i came from the factory with a front mounted SOHC 5.0L V12 designated as the M70. It utilizes a Bosch Motronic 1.2 engine control system and manifold port fuel injection. Other features include all aluminum block & heads to reduce weight and low compression (8.8:1) which allows it to run on lower octane gasoline.

Upgrades were made to provide a littler bit more power.  The increase in throttle response and the crisper shifts completely transform the car's driver characteristics.

Component Manufacturer Specification / Part #
Engine Chips Wokke Performance DME & EML V2.0
(2) Air Filters K&N 33-2059
transmission and drivetrain specification header

Transmission & Drivetrain Specs

The 'lifetime' transmission fluid was flushed out and changed and an updated filter was installed. Swapping out transmission chips provided more precise and firmer shifts.

Component Manufacturer Specification / Part #
Transmission Chip Dinan Performance Engineering D900-5033

Suspension Specifications

With well over 150k miles on the car, it was time to replace suspension components. In addition to replacing failed bushings, lowering springs, sport shocks and static camber plates were installed.

Component Manufacturer Specification / Part #
Front Lowering Springs H&R 29583
Rear Lower Springs Dinan Performance Engineering No Longer Available
Static Camber Plates No Longer Available
Sport Shocks Bilstein
Sway Bars F+R GregK Gen II No Longer Available

Brake Specifications

The braking system was upgraded with cross drilled rotors and performance pads.

Component Manufacturer Specification / Part #
Pads Hawk
Rotors Zimmerman

Interior Details

The interior remained mostly stock with the exception of AC Schnitzer pedal covers that were added.

Safety Equipment

  • 3 Point Belts
  • Air Bag(s)

Stereo System & Electronics

The stock ampliers and speakers were left, but the head unit was upgraded to a BMW business in-dash CD player.

Component Manufacturer Part # / Specification
Head Unit BMW CD43
Pedal Covers AC Schnitzer Aluminum

Wheel & Tire Specifications

Wheels: Powder Coated HRE Style 549
Front: 18" x 9.5"
Rear: 18" x 10.5"
Tires: Hankook Ventus V12
Front: 245/40ZR18
Rear: 275/35ZR18

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