{tag:53} 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS Coupe
Chevrolet Camaro
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Grocery Getter 2SS/RS Camaro

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General Vehicle Information

Year: 2010
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Trim: SS/RS Coupe
Exterior Color: Black / White
Interior Color: Black
Current Mileage: 
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Owner: @JRW - Flemington, NJ, United States

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vehicle specifications


Motor: Naturally Aspirated 6.2L LS3 V8
Transmission: TR-6060 6-Speed Manual
Drive Configuration: RWD

Performance Data

Horsepower: 426 HP
Torque: 420 ft-lbs TQ
* Power data was provided by the manufacturer.

Vehicle or Project Description

This 2010 2SS/RS, 6-speed, LS3 Camaro has been my daily driver for over 8 years and 100,00 miles. It has been incredibly reliable and is used in all but the worse snowy or icy conditions. Traded in a '99 Porsche Carrera 4 911 before it blew up!

I sold my BMW and purchased a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 coupe. I drove the car all year long but had quite a few problems with it. I finally got to the point where I just couldn't track down a recurring CEL stating that there was a miss-fire on cylinder #2. I swallowed my pride and took it to a shop that specializes in Porsches.

They told me that there was a crack in the cylinder wall which was allowing coolant to seep in causing the CEL. This was a fatal diagnosis. The owner of the shop said that I couldn't drive the car so I had it flat-bedded back to my house. I took it down to the local Chevy dealer in hopes of trading it in on ANYTHING.... just wanted to get something out of the car.

Thankfully the engine stayed together as they test drove it and I got $12,700 towards the Camaro... I only paid $15k a year ago, so I was very happy.

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