Twin-Turbocharged 1990 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Coupe
Chevrolet Corvette
{Vehicle Status:211}

B2K Callaway Corvette #43/58

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Vehicle Log


General Vehicle Information

Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Trim: Callaway Coupe
Exterior Color: Black - 41
Interior Color: Grey (Leather)
Current Mileage: 3,400 Mi
Not Available
Owner: JR in Flemington, NJ, United States

This Callaway Corvette only has 3,400 miles on the odometer and has been left factory stock right down to its original tires. Its car number 43 of 58 produced in 1990 and features a Kool-off windshield, Aerobody and Dymag wheels. Time Capsule!
vehicle specifications


Motor: Twin Turbocharged 350CI L98 V8
Boost: 12.3 PSI
Intercooling: Air-to-Air
Transmission: ZF6 6-Speed Manual
Drive Configuration: RWD

Performance Data

Horsepower: 390 HP
Torque: 562 ft-lbs TQ
* Power data was provided by the manufacturer.
0-30 mph (s)2.1s
0-60 mph (s)5.1s
1/4 Mile Time (s)13.4s
1/4 Mile Speed (mph)107.5mph
* Performance data was provided by the manufacturer.
factory options sheet

Factory Options

This Chevrolet Corvette was originally purchased at Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
1YY07Base Corvette Sport Coupe$31,979.00
24SRemovable Roof Panel, blue tint$615.00
CallawayAerobody Kit$6,500
CallawayKooloff Windshield$1,100
AC1Power Passenger Seat$270.00
AC3Power Driver Seat$270.00
AQ9Sport Seats, leather$1,050.00
B2KCallaway Twin Turbo$26,895.00
BGRBowling Green assembly$0.00
CC3Transparent roof panel$0.00
C68Automatic electronic air condition$180.00
DL8Twin remote heated outside mirrors$0.00
D9BSpeedometer sensor 85007308$0.00
E5ZDelete speedometer adaptor$0.00
E9ZDelete speedometer key$0.00
FE7High performance suspension$0.00
FX3Selective ride and handling$1,695.00
GM3Rear axle 3.45 ratio$0.00
G87Ring gear 8.50 inch$0.00
J55High performance brake package$0.00
KC4Engine oil cooler$110.00
K68105 amp generator$0.00
L98Tuned port injection 5.7 L engine$0.00
ML9Manual 6-speed, ZF-transmission$0.00
MN66-speed manual transmission$0.00
NA5Federal emission system requirements$0.00
NK4Sport leather steering wheel$0.00
QA1Styled aluminum wheels, 17 x 9.5″$0.00
U1FDelco Bose stereo system with CD and cassette$0.00
U52Electronic instrument cluster$0.00
UX0Delco Bose six speaker system$0.00
V73Vehicle statement certification, US or Canada$0.00
XAUFront tire P275/40 ZR17$0.00
YAURear tire P275/40 ZR17$0.00
Z51Performance handling package$460.00

Vehicle or Project Description

It was the Alfa Twin Turbo car that was the catalyst that sparked interest within the ranks of General Motors (GM) towards Callaway Cars and their engineering abilities. In the early 80’s GM was looking at high performance engine options such as turbo charging and multi-valve technologies. GM was aware of Callaway’s reputation and the cars it had produced. In fact, they had taken a Callaway Alfa Twin Turbo and examined the work closely. After GM’s own twin turbo V6 and V8 projects had run their course, Dave McLellan gave the nod to Callaway, authorizing him to develop a prototype. The resulting prototype was introduced in June 1986 to GM and the media. With 345 hp and 465 lb-ft torque, the twin turbo V8 package was engineered to be the ultimate Corvette package, producing tremendous power while retaining its emissions controls and a complete warranty.

The Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette became known as Chevrolet option RPO B2K and was available through select Chevrolet dealers both in the United States and abroad. It continues to hold the distinction of being the only engine package produced outside of GM to hold an RPO code, something that will probably never happen again. Produced between 1987 and 1991, over 500 of these special Corvettes were made in coupe, convertible, and at the close of production, the Speedster form. By ordering a Corvette through the dealer, and checking the option box for B2K, it triggered a series of events, which ensured the cars received special equipment and handling under SEO Z5G.

Throughout production, changes were made. Optional wheels were available in 1987 cast out of magnesium from Dymag in England and were available in 16-inch diameter and later in the year, a 17-inch size. In 1988, power levels increased. Horsepower was now rated at 382 and torque rose to 565 lb-ft. That year also saw the 17-inch Dymag wheels become standard equipment with other options such as an automatic transmission and full leather interior also was offered. Available for the 1989 B2K was the handsome Aerobody designed by Paul Deutschman and first seen on the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette. It became available mid year on the production versions and replaced or installed over the lower panels of the car. 1990 brought more power once again. Horsepower rose to 390 and torque output was 562 lb-ft. however; the automatic transmission was no longer available. 1991 was the final year for the B2K option with power up again, this time to 403hp and 575 lb-ft. A subtle change to the hood included the installation of blisters to duct cold air to the intercoolers. The Aerobody, introduced in 1989 continued to be an option and late in the year, the Speedster model was revealed.

engine specification header

Engine Specs

The engine is has not been modified.
1990 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Coupe Twin Turbocharged Engine
transmission and drivetrain specification header

Transmission & Drivetrain Specs

The transmission and drivetrain have not been modified.
1990 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Coupe Transmission & Drivetrain

Suspension Specifications

The suspension has not been modified.

Brake Specifications

The brakes have not been modified.

Exterior and Body Details

Corvette AeroBody was conceived by founder Reeves Callaway and designed by Paul Deutschman of Deutschman Design. Reeves explained: “We wanted to exploit the opportunity to re-engineer airflow management outside the vehicle for added stability in the 200 to 250 miles per hour window. Next, we wanted to revise internal airflow to provide additional engine cooling. Finally, we hoped to illustrate that aerodynamic panels could be designed to complement the beautifully integrated styling of the late model Corvette.” Callaway's efforts were proven when a prototype AeroBody kit was installed during Callaway “Sledgehammer” preparation. In October 1988, this turbocharged, street-driven C4 Corvette shattered the closed-circuit speed record with a run of 254.76 mph.

1990 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Coupe Exterior & Body

Interior Details

fasf sdaf sda sd.afj lskdjaf

Safety Equipment

  • 3 Point Belts
  • Air Bag(s)

Stereo System & Electronics

erdgv sdgdfgdfsgds

ComponentManufacturerPart # / Specification
2- Way Componentsertetrertert
1990 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Coupe Interior, Stereo & Safety Equipment

Wheel & Tire Specifications

Wheels: Clear Coated Callaway Dymag
Front: 17" x 7.5"
Rear: 17" x 7.5"
Tires: Goodyear Eagle ZR40
Front: 275/40R17
Rear: 275/40R17
1990 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway Coupe Wheels & Tires

Build & Ownership Details


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