Shelby Super Snake Speedster Is Back For 2021

Shelby Super Snake

Shelby American Inc. has brought back an updated Shelby Super Snake Speedster for 2021. The newest Super Snake features 825hp and an extremely limited production of only 98 units. It’s an evolution of the Ford Mustang but lacks the rear seating which has been replaced with a custom tonneau cover. Under the Shelby Super Snake’s hood lurks a 5.0L V8 that makes 825hp while running on 93 octane fuel and may be ordered with a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission. It can be yours for the starting price of $133,785 which includes the Mustang GT donor car and a three-year, 36k mile warranty.

What Does Shelby Do

The Shelby Super Snake is back for 2021 with a fresh look and more refinement. Powered by an 825 horsepower supercharged Ford 5.0L V8, the Super Snake launches from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. With new suspension and brakes, it carves up the road course with ease. And yet it is so tractable, able to roll down the street like a king on its Shelby 20 inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels and high performance tires. Wide Body and suspension options are also available for the ultimate in style and handling.

All-New for 2021 is the extremely limited edition convertible Speedster Edition. Limited to 25 units in the US, the Speedster Edition transforms the car into a two-seat roadster with a hard top tonneau system, accompanied by unique stripping and badging. Only 98 Super Snakes will be built in the United States this year, celebrating the 98th anniversary of founder Carroll Shelby’s birth. A limited number will be built worldwide and each will be branded with a unique CSM number that will be included in the Official Shelby Registry.

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