2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo at Mecum Auctions

Mecum Auctions Glendale

The 2021 Mecum Auctions Glendale event begins on Thursday and features a ton of drool-worthy vehicles including a Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7, Ferrari 599 GTO, Dodge Daytona and a rare Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. This 2006 Saleen S7 is one of only 14 ever produced to feature a twin turbocharged V8 and shows only 1,167 miles on the odometer. The 7.0L twin turbo, all aluminum V8 produces 750hp and is backed by a 6-speed manual gearbox. It’s lot S109 and is estimated to sell for between $600,000-$700,000.

Lot S109 Description

Many tuners and more than a few manufacturers have claimed to produce a “race car for the road,” but Steve Saleen made good on that boast with the twin-turbocharged Saleen S7, the absurdly low production version of the car that, in racing specification, won countless GT championships in its heyday. In 2006, the S7 Twin Turbo was at the cutting edge of production car performance, at a time seemingly forever in the past when enthusiasts were only just beginning to adjust their expectations upward to the horsepower figures that were the S7’s comfortable home turf. Even the legendary McLaren F1 fell prey to the S7’s incomparable speed and overall performance.

Saleen produced just 14 turbocharged versions of these fantastic machines, which benefited from five years of intense development and thoughtful refinement. Built over a space frame composed of 4130 lightweight steel and honeycomb composite panels, the carbon fiber body panels show superior fit and finish. Subtle but significant improvements to the interior resulted in a much more welcoming environment, with multi-tone leather and suede upholstery, fully adjustable tilt and telescopic steering wheel, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo with CD player, rear camera LCD screen, power windows and locks, remote opening doors and trunk and GPS navigation, culminating in a level of comfort that far exceeds earlier models.

The S7’s twin-turbocharged 7.0L all-aluminum V-8 engine generates 750 HP, sent earthward through a hybrid two-plate hydraulic clutch, longitudinally mounted all-synchro 6-speed manual transaxle and a limited-slip differential to massive Michelin 275/35-ZR19 rear tires on black-coated center-lock wheels. Driven just 1,167 miles in 14 years, this all-black 2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is a formidable presence that stands out in any gathering of automotive enthusiasts, no matter their allegiance. Its race-bred styling and championship-winning performance are undeniably unique, offering a driving experience that is still unsurpassed by all but the most wildly expensive new generation of exotics—in short, a true state-of-the-art, purpose-built American supercar.

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