Hagerty Releases Its Bull Market List For 2021


Most Collectible Cars For 2021

Every year Hagerty releases what it calls the Bull Market List, which is supposed to predict which vehicles have the greatest potential for value increases in the upcoming year.  The list is composed using an analysis of the vast amounts of industry data at its disposal. They select cars from three different groupings which includes: vehicles ready for wider recognition, forgotten vehicles ready for a comeback and newer vehicles accelerating out of their depression curves.

The Bull List:

2012 Lexus LFA

Price When New: $350,000  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $558,000-$582,000


This is a pretty safe bet as so few were ever produced (only 500) and their values have kept them out of the hands of the average collector. With over 550 HP on tap and state of the art electrical systems and controls, there was very little that matched it prowess on the road. Count on this one to continue increasing in value.

2006-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Price When New: $39,700  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $29,500-$36,000


When the Grand Cherokee arrived on the scene in 1993, it was the very best in the luxury SUV market. That segment has gone crazy since then with even manufacturers like Lamborghini getting in on the action in a big way. The 6.1 L V8 in the SRT8 is good for 420 HP and 420 ft-lb TQ which provides an exciting enough ride. With the ever increasing popularity of SUV’s, count on this one to continue rising in value.

1984-1991 Ferrari Testarossa

Price When New: $164,950  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $96,000-$108,000


The Testarossa is possibly one of the most distinctive automotive designs ever. While beautiful, it is nevertheless a bit of a chore to drive with manual steering and a heavy clutch. The vast majority of Testarossas came from the factory with a tan and brown interior which is certainly a “love it or hate it” color scheme. Expect a continued increase in value year after year with the later models remaining most desirable.

2005-2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Price When New: $110,000  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $45,000-$52,000


What’s not to love? Signature Aston Martin styling along with a 380 HP V8 up front and a 6-speed manual gearbox controlling the fun. This was Aston’s least expensive car in their lineup and can be found for less that half of the original price. This is a car you can buy and enjoy while it slowly increases in value; especially as newer performance cars are limited to two pedals.

1964-1970 Honda S600/S800

Price When New: $1,600  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $29,500-$38,500


Its safe to say that the 57 Hp out the 0.6 L inline 4-cylinder is not going to satisfy most performance enthusiasts. This car is more to be enjoyed for its classic design and heritage.  The market for early Japanese cars is quite hot right now and this might be one of the very best to own. While finding one in top condition might prove difficult, it will be worth it down the road as values continue to increase.

1980-1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

Price When New: $9,540  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $27,000-$36,000


The Volkswagon Vanaon Westfalia is the ugly duckling of this list for sure. What it lacks in style it certainly makes up for in utility. Drivers are treated to 67 Hp and a 4-speed manual transmission to move 3,500 lbs of of pure camping bliss. This one will surely have a unique market but may increase in value like the older and more popular VW Microbuses.

2005-2006 Ford GT

Price When New: $150,000  |  Hagerty #2  Value: $337,000-$395,000


The inclusion of the Ford GT in this year’s list is another very safe selection. These cars are very desirable and are an absolute blast to drive, making them very difficult to obtain. When pushed, the supercharged V8 produces 550 HP and 500 ft-lbs TQ. After already having doubled in value, expect these to head to the moon in the near future.

2000-2006 Audi TT Quattro

Price When New: $30,500  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $10,500-$16,000


The original Audi TT showed some hints of traditional Audi styling, but was extremely unique for its day. It was powered by a turbocharged 1.8 L inline 4-cylinder engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and was offered in front wheel drive or all wheel drive configurations. Mediocre performance and unknown demand makes this a questionable addition to the Bull List.

1948-1954 Jaguar XK 120

Price When New: $3,945  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $121,500-$144,000


Is it possible that all classic Jaguars are works of art? The XK 120 is certainly no exception. This is another case where finding one is good condition for a reasonable price will prove very difficult. The 3.4 L inline 6-cylinder pumps out 180 HP which is more than enough to push the 2,900 lb roadster down the road.  This is certainly an investment that will go up for many years to come.

1969 Honda CB750

Price When New: $1,495  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $32,000-$37,000


I am no expert on bikes, but if the classic motorcycle market is anything like the classic car market, these older Japanese models are hot.  A 736 CC inline 4-cyclinder provides 68 HP for the 480lb bike. This one looks like another winner for your collection.

1993-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80

Price When New: $41,000  |  Hagerty #2 Value: $23,500-$37,000


Looks like we’re going to end this list with another head scratcher. The Land Cruiser is an unremarkable, heavy, underpowered SUV.  Its hard to understand who would be in the market for these early Land Cruisers and why values would increase at all. There are probably better investments for your money in the automotive world.

Final Words

This year’s list is quite diverse and offers lots of great vehicles to think about. While some may seem a little out of place on a bull list, others are virtually guaranteed to sell for more than the purchase price as long as it’s well maintained.  Each selection seems to represent a grouping of cars where any one of them could have been included in the list. With low gas prices, a booming economy and very little else to do in this world currently, now might be the very best time to buy and enjoy a collector vehicle.

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